Idea boxes

Create multiple idea boxes to collect ideas over a long period of time. With a clear question,  people can add ideas in the idea boxes and those ideas can be validated and approved to start an innovation project.


There are always a lot of opportunities within the organization to innovate. This idea box feature delivers a solution to create multiple idea boxes and to store ideas in it. For example, when people in your organization have great ideas on how to increase customers satisfaction or an idea for a new product.  

The idea box owner creates an Idea box Mission. All idea boxes are standard open for every agent within your organization. A goal can be set to reach the mission objective and specific users can be invited to add ideas in the idea box. Both an Ideation Mission as an Idea box Mission are open to generate ideas. The big difference is that an Idea box Mission is most of the time open for a longer period, there is no timer or a script behind. It is just one question / situation / problem that needs to be solved. When a new idea hits an idea box, the idea box owners within the company receive a notification and are able to review the idea. Is it complete? Then it will go to the next stage. If it's not, the idea creator will be notified to update the idea further.

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