The goal of Accept mission is to create real business value for your organisation. The first step is to collect as much ideas as possible with the available tools (idea box, campaigns, boards) analyse, compare and validate those collected ideas (idea management) and finally select the best ideas and turn them into successful innovation projects. With Accept Mission you can collect ideas with IDEATION, BOARDS and IDEA BOX.

Collect ideas with brainstorm CAMPAIGNS
With brainstorm CAMPAIGNS builder you can collect a lot of ideas in a very short time. After each brainstorm you can choose to review those captured ideas and collect general review scores per idea. When the brainstorm is finished you want to analyse those ideas and start continue working on the ideas which got the highest review scores.

Collect Ideas with BOARDS
With Boards you can open a new canvas and start sharing ideas instantly. Boards can be used during digital video meeting or during workshops. With boards you can add ideas, make notes, give comments and likes and organise all ideas by adding categories and dragging them into those columns.

From Idea generation to idea management
(Why copy to idea box)

Now you have captured many ideas (with campaigns or boards), you want to start analysing, managing and working on those ideas by uploading documents, adding and comparing innovation scores (such as "impact on business", "investment in time/money") and match your ideas with your "strategic Innovation goals". Furthermore you want to manage the progress of each idea from "new idea" to "approved proposal".

Now you need to copy those good ideas from Campaigns or BOARDS to an IDEA BOX for further analysis, processing, comparing, selecting and idea management.

How to copy Ideas from CAMPAIGNS to IDEA BOX

1. First step is to go to the listview of finished ideation missions and find your mission.

2.Then click on that mission title and enter "as manager"

3. Now you are in the mission dashboard and you need to scroll down and click on [ view ideas ]. A new page will open with all captured ideas from that ideationare shown

4. Now select the ideas you want to copy to an Idea box and click on [ select Idea box ] . In this example is select ideas with the highest scores. (These scores are given during the ideation review round)

How to copy ideas from BOARDS to an IDEA BOX

1. when you are finished with collecting ideas in a boards canvas, you need to select item cards you want to copy. Click on the checkbox [ ] in the item card and

2. then click on "action" copy to Idea box . now a drop down will pop up with all the available inboxes in your company.

3. Select the Idea box you want the item cards to be stored.

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