Reviewing & scoring ideas as EXPERT in Accept Mission

The "Expert review" is a very important part of the decision making process. It comes after the peer review (collect phase) and before the stakeholder review (select). You can review & score ideas with all Accept Mission tools (i.e. idea box, boards, Campaigns selection) , this way you can pre-filter out good ideas and create a short list of best "scored" ideas to further work on.

In this article we zoom in on "expert review" (gate 2)

by using
1) Idea box
2) Ideation campaigns

Three types of "reviewing & scoring" ideas

- Peer review (idea generation): This is the first gate in the decision making process and mostly done during idea generation phase. Peer review is very usefull to pre-filter a long list of ideas during or after a mission. Agents (peers) are adding feedback, scores and like ideas whilst participating in a particular mission. (AM tools: ideation, boards, idea box) (read more about peer review)

- Expert review (idea management): When a mission is complete, Mission managers (experts) can view all ideas and add expert scores (star rating, impact, investment scores) to choose which best "peer reviewed" ideas should will be put on short list to be further analysed, investigated and managed as potential innovation project . (AM tools: idea box, ideation)

- Stakeholder review (selection): Final gate in decision making process is done by a stakeholder group (management, clients or partners) to validate a set of very good ideas and to prioritize & select best voted ideas as your next innovation project. (AM tools: selection) Read more about stakeholder review

1) Idea box "expert review" explained

Situation: Now you have collected several ideas in your idea box and your peers (users) provided "likes" and "feedback" to those ideas (read more about peer review), you are ready for the next step -> idea management.

(example of idea box with 8 ideas which also received likes and comments)

The next step in this process is that you (innovation manager, idea box owner, idea scouts) are going to analyse, review, compare and work on those ideas with a core team of experts (i.e. admin users).

To make a good comparison of the ideas you need to first enrich those ideas by adding "scores" (i.e. impact on business / investment in time, strategic fit) and categories, departments and maybe even some financial data (potential costs, earnings etc) to idea cards. This is called Idea management.

Image: Add "scores", "departments", "caterogories" in the idea card.

Once you are finished with adding scores to idea cards, you are now able to analyse, compare and filter ideas in the Ideas listview. You can now make shortlists of ideas with potential high impact / strategic and have those ideas reviewed by stakeholders (read more about stakeholder review)

In the IDEAS listview you can search, filter and sort ideas based on:
Impact, Investment, Likes, comments, strategic fit, category, department , user name

You can also compare ideas with the "Impact vs investment graph" by clicking on the graph icon. The green zone = Good idea with "high impact / low investment"

2) Expert review in Ideation Campaigns

Expert Review in Ideation explained:

Situation: Your ideation mission (brainstorm campaign) is finished and lets say you captured 110 ideas in a week time (well done). Now you ( innovation manager, campaign owner or expert) want to review all collected deas, sort these ideas based on peer review (points) and select the best voted ideas for further processing as part of the decision making process.

Step 1: Go to Ideation "Finished" page and find your mission and click on the title

Step 2: in Mission overview click on [ view & score ideas ], sort the list view based on "points", click on any idea title to view and score that idea card or click on [ expert score ] to start with reviewing all ideas until you are done.

Expert Score overview:

In this Ideation idea listview you can see the Peer review "points" from 0 to 100 (see image below)

Bookmark: You can add a bookmark to save your favorite ideas in the listview

Expert Scoring: You can give your Expert score through a "5 Star rating"

0 star = 0 points (forget about it)
1 star = 2 points (not good)

2 stars = 4 points (not good not bad)

3 stars = 6 point (its okay)

4 stars = 8 points (good idea)

5 stars = 10 points (best idea)

Next idea: you can view next idea by clicking on [ Next ] , by clickin on next your score is saved until you "save and close"

Go back: you can always go back [ previous ] and change your expert score if you want.
Save your scores: When you are done reviewing and scoring ideas, click on the "x" to save and close. Your expert score is now saved in column "expert score"

Do not save: If you do not want to save your scores click outside the pop up box to close without saving.

Votes: show the number of experts that provided a expert score to an idea

you can ask other Mission managers (experts) to also give their expert score to these ideas. This way the #votes number will increase and the "expert score" will show average score of all "expert Votes"

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