Adding agents to your mission is a crucial part of creating your own mission. Without agents you will not have any input for your mission and it your mission is basically useless. There's 2 methods in which you can add agents. One way is to add agents manually, you will need to know their name and e-mail address. The other method is providing agents with an open link.

1. Navigate to the agents tab

Here you will find an overview of all agents invited through either method 1 or method 2. The overview mentions the agent's name, email address and status. The status can be either; accepted, rejected, pending or open.

2. Adding agents

If you have never added agents you will need to create new agents. You can click on 'add agents' in the the agent overview and click on create agent. Here you can add new agents based on their name and email adres. 

You can also import agents by creating a .csv file with in the first cell the first name and last name of the agent and in the second cell the email address of the person. 

Agents which are added through 'create new agent' are automatically added to the list of agents once you have created them.

3. Existing agents

After you have done a few missions your company will have a list of agents which were previously invited. You can invite and add these agents at any possible time by searching for their name and clicking on the plus icon next to their email address.

4. Open link

The second method involves adding an agent through an open link. This is done by clicking on 'Invitation url' in the agents tab. This link will generate an url which you can send to the agents you had in mind. 

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