Accept Mission has two types of Templates build in out of the box: 'Accept Mission templates' and 'Company Templates'. The Accept Mission templates are built in templates to uses by everyone who uses Accept Mission. The Company templates are only available for every Mission manager within your organisation.

A template will result in a pre-filled in mission script in the Mission Builder. All questions are available and ready to use. Of course you can choose to adjust the objectives and customise all you need.

You can access a template by clicking on 'Create Mission', selecting the templates tab and select a template you would like to use. As the video below shows:

Accept Mission templates

Accept Mission has some cool templates to kick start every mission. For example of you want to do a Mission te explore the SWOT of you company or project? Use a template and you have your mission ready in a couple of minutes!

Company templates

A company template can be created after building a mission. Then you save that mission as an template and it will be available only for your company. This makes it very easy to do multiple missions based on the same script. This will save you a lot of time.

SWOT Mission Template

A very handy template to do with multiple people within your organisation to explorer the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Every part of the SWOT analysis is used in a mission objective. All agents will enter the answers of the objectives as new ideas. Also the wil score every idea with a smart algorithm. The result is a list of all answers per question sorted by highest to lowest score of all the agents.
Objectives: 4
Rounds: 6

New Product Name Template

This is a template to generate loads of potential product names and make a selection of the best ones by preset rounds.

Objectives: 5
Rounds: 7

Customer satisfaction improvement Mission template

Ask our support agents for more information about this.

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