Accept Mission is build to be as user friendly as possible. Every mission is build with blocks. These blocks stand for the invitation, briefing, objectives, breaks and the endnote.

TIP: Check out our 20 minute instructional video! 

Mission toolbox

All the blocks are easily dragged and dropped in the mission. Choose which 'block' you would like to add to your mission. Simply click and hold the block and drag it into the correct area.

Edit mission settings

This is where you make sure all the settings for the mission are set correctly. Think about the start date and time (of the briefing), the name of the mission and the teamsize.

1. Invitation

Drag and drop the blue invitation block into the mission interface. Automatically all the setting will pop up for your mission. Make sure to select the right time, date and fill set up your invitation text. A blue block is always required. A mission always needs to have a beginning.

2. Briefing

Drag and drop the green briefing block into the mission interface. Automatically a box will pop up with the settings for the briefing. Make sure to set up the correct text and how long the briefing will last.

3. Brainstorm
Drag and drop the green brainstorm block into the mission interface. Each block stands for a question or objective. Make sure to select all the right settings for each question. A question has a lot of settings so make sure you have planned this beforehand by creating a quality script. A question has a lot of options you need to consider. Most important is what kind of rating you want, how long the question will last, if you want a reminder and the question itself + a description. 

4. Endnote

Drag and drop the blue endnote block into the mission field. This is the last round of your mission. A mission always needs an ending. Important about this block is that it holds a text with a thank you but it's also the last round of reviewing. This is why it's important to leave something interesting in the endnote for people to enjoy. They will want to open up the endnote and will have to review the last round before doing that.

In Accept Mission it's also possible to save your mission into a template or start building mission off of a template. In the article Build-in mission templates it's explained how these templates work.

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