A mission manager has a different dashboard then the agent. A mission manager can build a mission as able to look at the back-end of this mission. Looking at the dashboard as a mission manager can be a bit overwhelming at first.

TIP: Check out our 20 minute extensive instructional video! 

1. Dashboard

In the mission dashboard you will notice that you have a few more options which agents have. You are able to start a new mission and you will be able to open your mission by selecting 'open mission'.

2. Start building a new mission
By click on 'start mission' you can begin building your own mission. At first you will be prompted with a screen in which you select some basic for the mission like the title, what date the mission starts (briefing), what company it's suppose to be under and the time-size for this mission. 

3. Open Mission
When you click on 'open mission' for an existing mission you will go to the back-end of the mission and will be able to change the blocks for the mission and start editing data. It's also possible to view the most recent data of the mission in this screen.

Check out the How to: Mission Builder to get started with building the blocks of your new mission and actually finishing up your first mission!

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