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Creating an Accept Mission company account
Creating an Accept Mission company account

If you want to use Accept Mission to facilitate your own missions, you need a (free) Accept Mission company account.

Updated over a week ago

Creating a Company is a simple and short process. Follow the steps below to get going.

Step 1 

If you already have a Accept Mission user account (because you participated in a mission before), you can login as normal and click 'CREATE NEW MISSION' from the main screen.

If you don't have a user account yet, go to and click 'SIGN UP' or go directly to the sign-up page with this link

Step 2

Fill in the form with your information and continue. New users receive an email to confirm their account.

Congratulations you've created an Accept Mission Company account and are ready to get started creating your own Missions.

Now what?

Know that you've created a free account. You can upgrade your account to have missions with more than 12 agents and all functionalities. To upgrade your account go to 'SETTINGS'.

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