This guide will help you with creating your first template and executing a mission. You have to follow 4 simple steps to complete this guide, this will take you about 10 minutes. 

Step 1: Create an account & log in

If you don’t have an account already, create one now (if you have an account, feel free to skip this step) . Fill in your email address and password to create an account. After you have confirmed your account by email you should be able to log in to Accept Mission. Your screen should look like this: 

Step 2: Create a new mission

  • The first step in creating a new mission is to click the 'create new mission' button. This will lead you to a screen with the options ‘from scratch’ and ‘from template’.  Starting with a template is an easy way to get familiar with the application . Select the template 'Innovationlands’ or 'Burgerlicious' and click on next to start.

  • The various rounds that you can choose from are already selected for you to start easily. Check if the starting and invite time of the mission are correct. The invite time should always be before the starting time to get participants (agents) to join the mission.

  • OPTIONAL: Try to change the review type in a brainstorm round. You can change it from simple to star or impact.

Step 3: Add agents

Add agents/participants to your mission by selecting view agents. You can now add agents by clicking on add agents. In this screen you can see every agent you've added before. By you can add a new agent by filling in their name and e-mail. If you want to participate, be sure to add yourself to the mission as an agent. Continue to the next step if you completed adding agents (Agents can be added as long as the invite has not started yet, you can still force accept agents after the invite, but before the start time).
Look at the following support article for a detailed explanation.

Step 4: Publish

If you followed the previous steps correctly, you are ready to publish this mission!

You can publish the mission with the publish button on your ideation home screen. Once the mission is published the invite and other rounds will send notifications to the agents at the set times (An unpublished mission will never send notifications to agents).

Extra step: notify participants

Notify the agents that a mission invite is on its way to their mailbox. We advise to do this the first time, otherwise your agents might decline the mission because they are not familiar with Accept Mission.


By following this guide, you have now created your own Mission and have gained basic knowledge of creating your own missions. You are able to:

  • Create a mission from a template.

  • Change the time of a mission.

  • Add agents to a mission.

  • Publish a mission.

You have published your first mission, congratulations! Now sit back and see the mission unfold into innovative ideas. During and after the mission, you can download the mission report. Click the button below to see how.

If you need extra support, be sure to contact us.
You can always ask questions with the chat button in the bottom right corner.

Accept Mission team.

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