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How to: build a Mission from scratch
How to: build a Mission from scratch
Following this article will result in you being able to create a Mission from scratch.
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After you've experienced the application by building a few missions from a template, you're ready for the real work. Building a Mission from scratch is the perfect way to generate valuable input for your topic.
This document shows a step-to-step plan on how to create a Mission from scratch.

Step 1: create new Mission

The first step is to move over to the 'ideation' page and to click on 'create new mission'. In the following screen you have the option to choose to start from scratch or from template, choose the option 'from scratch'. Describe the title of your mission and choose save if you're ready. 

Step 2: Mission settings

The second step in building your mission is to complete your mission settings. Move over to the settings box in your mission setup.
The mission settings are the base of your mission. Select the title of your mission and select how many agents you want in one team. Add a Mission image if you want to. This image will be shown for every round of your brainstorm. Per default the mission setting is set to Undercover, this means agents needs to choose an avatar, however you can also choose to use normal profile (not undercover) via the show advanced field at the buttom of 1.settings and select "NO"

Step 3: add agents

The next step is to add agents. If you finished your mission settings and clicked on next you should be in the agent screen. Otherwise click on the agent box in your Mission setup screen.
See the following article to see a detailed description on how to add agents.

Step 4: Mission builder

The next step includes the Mission builder. You can modify your mission excactly the way you want to. Check the following support article for a detailed description on how to use the Mission builder.

Step 5: publish mission

If you followed the previous steps correctly, you are ready to publish this mission!

You can publish the mission with the publish button on your ideation home screen. Once the mission is published the invite and other rounds will send notifications to the agents at the set times (An unpublished mission will never send notifications to agents).

If you completed building this mission you can sit back and see the mission unfold. You can always check your mission statistics during or after the mission. Look at this support article to see how.

If you have any questions, be sure to contact us by clicking on the green chat symbol in the bottom right corner.

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