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Explanation of the project tabs Score, Status Report, Attachments, Participants, Ideas
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The project card has the ability to also add additional information such as reporting tools and several parameters to measure the value & impact of innovation projects. These values can be added & viewed in the project "Tabs".


Useful for measuring the impact vs investment ratio of a project, due to the different parameters that can be set up. Assigning values from 0 to 10 is made very easy by using the slider (drag the slider bullit from left to right). Right next to the sliders the Impact / investment graph (in green/red)  automatically shows the overall score of an Innovation Project. The green area markes the "sweetspot" of a Project (meaning: high impact, low investment)    

Innovation Impact
(all variables can be assigned a score ranging from 0 - 10 by using the slider):

  • Impact on business

  • Impact for customers

  • Average impact = A calculated field based on the average of the two scores above.

  • Investment in time

  • Investment in money

  • Average investment = A calculated field based on the average of the two scores above.

  • Overall rating

Innovation Strategy: Scorings based on the strategic domains that can be set up under Settings - Innovation Strategy

  • Average Strategic fit = A calculated field based on the average score of all strategic domains.

Innovation Finance

  • Estimated revenue/cost saving = This field is being used for the Kanban view (revenue at the bottom of every column).

  • Estimated costs

  • Estimated profit = A calculated field based on the estimated revenue/cost saving - the estimated costs.

Status Report

The status report can be used to give certain updates to an existing project. To add a status report, fill in the details of the report and simply hit "Save". The status report will be displayed under the Status Report tab with the date of the report. This function is convenient for project documentation.


If a certain project has got some relevant files connected to that project, they can be uploaded, opened and managed through the Attachments tab. An example can be a blueprint that's used for the project.


In the participants tab, users that are registered in Accept Mission and are part of the organisation where the project takes place can be added to the project to create a complete overview of people that are involved in the project.
The Business Owner and Project Manager of the project are always visible in the participants tab.

Ideas that are generated through the Ideation phase in Accept Mission can be added through the project via this tab. 

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