List view

A simple list view of all the projects linked to a company. Every column is sortable. The latest report column is based on the date of the latest modification (edit) made to a project.

Kanban (default view)

The Kanban board is the default dashboard view for projects. This dashboard shows all project cards and is convenient if you want to see the progress of all projects. Each project card presents the following information: the progress bar (%), project manager and deadline. (You can easily edit these values in the project details form by clicking on a project card.)

To update project progression each project card can be manually converted to the next stage with the drag & drop functionality. In every stage all financial details are combined to show the profit per stage at the bottom of every stage column. The profit is based on the Estimated revenue minus investments in the project settings - Score tab.

Gantt chart

A Gantt chart is excellent for gathering a complete overview of all projects dedicated to different departments (departments are linked to a project in the project settings page). When adding a new project, the project is automatically plotted on the Gantt chart underneath the department that is dedicated to the project. Every bar displayed in the Gantt chart represents a project. When hovering over a project with the cursor, additional information is displayed such as the project title, start date and end date.
The user can manually determine the 'time window' that's being displayed in the Gantt chart by manually filling in the FROM and TO fields with the desired dates, or by interacting with the slider at the bottom of the chart. 

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