A guide through the user (agent) dashboard

This article will guide you through the Netflix-like dashboard on the Agent homepage and all of its functionalities.

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How to get to the Agent Dashboard

The user interface or "Netflix" dashboard is the homepage for agents to select and join a mission. When logging in with a normal user account you will enter Accept Mission in this Netflix-like dashboard. When the netflix is empty, your innovation manager needs to create some missions for starters.

This agent dashboard gives you this overview with clickable cards. You have 'mission' cards and 'idea' cards. You can scroll left and right and up and down.
On the first row you see active idea box mission cards. On the second row you see cards with ideation (brainstorm campaign) missions.  You can join these missions by clicking on one of these cards and start sharing your ideas.
On row 3 you see idea cards which you created and row 4 contains idea cards  created by other users, which you 'liked'. By clicking on a idea card you re-open this idea and can add comments. 

The agent dashboard has 4 rows with clickable 'mission' or 'idea' cards:

  • Idea box Missions 

  • Ideation (campaign) Missions

  • My Ideas

  • following Ideas

  • Finished Ideation (campaigns) Missions (not clickable)

Manager Dashboard - Switch to Agent (user)

In the case you have an upgraded user account ( i.e. Mission Manager or Company Captain) you enter the Manager environment after log-in. In this Manager environment you can create and manage your inboxes, missions, projects, users & settings (see image below)
In order to switch to agent dashboard, click on the dropdown menu in the top right of your screen (next to your profile picture) and select the option "Switch to Agent" as shown in the video below.


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