A guide through the Idea boxes in the agent environment

This article will guide you through the basics of Idea boxes in the agent environment and the functionalities such as adding ideas

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Idea box Overview

When opening an Idea box from the Netflix-like agent home dashboard, you will see three sections with information. See image below

The amount of users in an Idea box is defined by the Idea box owner + all agents that contributed to the inbox by adding an idea.

Idea Cards

All ideas in an Idea box are being displayed by idea cards. These cards have an image,  title, name of creator, the amount of times an idea was liked and the amount of comments posted in that idea.
You can interact with the idea cards in two ways:

  • Open an idea by clicking on the idea card.

  • Like the idea by clicking on the thumbs up or 'like' icon (when the icon turned blue, it's an indication that you've liked that idea).

You are able to edit ideas generated by you. But when an idea is created by another agent, you cant make changes to this idea. You can only add your comment or like this idea:  If you want to learn more about the idea details page, go here.

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