A guide through the idea box in the agent environment

This article will guide you through the idea overview, which is part of managing and creating ideas within an Idea box .

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In the top row of the agent environment you can find all idea boxes you are invited to as agent. To get an overview of all ideas from a particular idea box, you need to click on one of these active idea boxes. (for new companies, this idea box row can be quite empty as the mission manager still needs to create one or more idea boxes)

Idea Box - overview of all ideas

On the left side of this overview you see the

  • idea box title & description and details

  • number of agents are active in this idea box,

  • number of ideas collected,

  • number of likes given

  • number of comments given.

There are three instances the idea details page can be shown:

1. "ADD IDEA" button to add an idea to an opened Idea box .

This will show a completely empty idea details page. Write a good title and description. Also upload an image or document in attachment to give the idea card more context. When clicking on the "SAVE" button, you will be the creator of the idea and the idea will be added to the opened Idea box .

2. View Ideas from other agents.

You can also view an idea card shared by other agents in this idea card. by clicking on the idea card you will see all idea details. you can share a comment in the comment section on the right side of the page. You can also give a like (thumbs up becomes blue) and see how many other people liked this idea.

3. Follow your favourite ideas.

You can also Follow your favourite ideas to get notifications about status updates. You can click on Idea card to activate "FOLLOW" or "UNFOLLOW" to an idea. You automatically follow your own ideas and need to actively press "follow" if you want to follow ideas from other agents.

in the Listview row "Following Ideas" you can see all your favorite ideas. Here you can also decide to unfollow and idea. the idea card will then be removed from this row.

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