Accept Mission by default doesn't yet offer an option to use Accept Mission in a different language. However, Google provides the opportunity to use Accept Mission in a different (automatically generated) language.

Please note that this support article is based on the service called "Google Translate" in the browser Google Chrome. Other translation services could also be used.


First of all, you need to set up the Google Chrome translation settings. To do this, press the three vertical dots in the Google Chrome browser located in the top right of the screen and then click "Settings" (be aware: based on the language Google Chrome is installed in, this menu might look different).

In the Google Chrome settings, scroll all the way down and hit "Advanced". The first thing that should unfold after clicking "Advanced" is a section where "Languages" settings can be adjusted. Unfold the "language' tab and make sure that the "Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language you read" slider is on.

If the slider is on, close the settings tab in the Chrome browser and enter the Accept Mission web page.

In Accept Mission, you should now see a translate icon in the URL-bar of Google Chrome:

Clicking on the icon will open translation settings.

PLEASE NOTE: If the icon doesn't appear in the URL-bar, make sure to right click on the background color of Accept Mission and select the option "Translate to {language}"

in the translation settings you can select the desired translation language if it's not present already by clicking on the three vertical dots --> "Choose another language..." and selecting the desired language from the dropdown

It's good to know that the option "Always Translate English" will mean that all Accept Mission pages are translated into the selected language, so you don't have to individually translate every Accept Mission page (keep in mind that this option also affects all other English-presented websites on the internet).

In case the Translate icon doesn't show in the URL-bar (sometimes it doesn't show in the Inbox tool in the Mission Manager environment), right click with your mouse on the background color in Accept Mission and select "Translate to {language}". This will open the Translation settings, likewise as would happen when clicking on the icon.

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