How-to: The Timeline of a mission in Accept Mission

This article explains how the timeline of a mission works and what features you can find in the timeline

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The Mission Timeline is the base from where you navigate to, as an agent. This is where you find all objectives of this Mission, each on a separate objective card. 

Start at the top
This is where you will find your own avatar and above that you will see in which team you are. From top to bottom you see will see all objectives. Every Mission consists of multiple rounds. 

A mission always starts with the invitation round and the last round is always the Mission end note. 

In between there wille be one of the following blocks: briefings, objectives, and/or break rounds.

Under each objective card, you will find a bar which tells you what to do. These bars are either green, red or orange.

  • Green: You successfully completed this action

  • Red: This action needs your attention, because you have to complete it

  • Orange: This action is open for completion but first you have to complete a currently active RED action  

Mission clock – This clock is always ticking. The clock shows you how much time you have left to complete this current round. Be on time!

Your agent score – On the top right (next to the trophy icon) you see the number of XP (Experience Points) you have collected so far during this mission.

Mission leaderboard – On the top right you see the trophy icon. When you click on it, you can view the mission leaderboard with all total scores of the current mission. See more info about the leaderboards.

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