How-to: Briefing, Objective, Review and the Endnote

This article explains how the briefing, the objective, the review and the endnote works

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The briefing round in the Mission is important to prepare yourself. In the briefing you receive all the necessary intelligence to complete the Mission. Remember, you can always re-visit the briefing later on in the Mission.


This is the real thing. An objective is an assignment that you need to complete with multiple answers or ideas. Together with your team you will add ideas to the idea board. Beware of the timer. Only ideas that are posted on time will be registered and get Experience Points (XP).

  • Add new idea – For every idea you have for this assignment you must enter a new idea. Use the red button to enter a new idea.

  • Comment on an idea – Do you have a comment on an idea or a remark? On every idea card you can leave a comment. Open an idea by clicking on it and under the idea itself you can leave a comment. Just hit enter and it’s added.

  • Update an idea – You can update your own ideas by clicking on them and make adjustments. Just save it and it’s updated.

An idea can have one of the following statuses:

  • New – This idea is new and you haven’t seen it yet. Click on the idea to see the it

  • Comment – A new comment on this idea was posted. Click on it to read the comment(s)

  • Updated – The idea was updated by the agent


The score of the day. After generating a lot of ideas it’s time to review them. Every agent needs to review the ideas of the previous round before proceeding to the next round. Of course you can’t review all of them, there are just too many. Therefor, you are presented a selection of ideas to review. Please review them. On the left part of the screen you see the idea and on the right side of the screen you can score the idea. There are four types of reviews:

  • Simple – Low, medium, high. Select the right score and click next idea

  • Stars – Select one to five stars to score this idea

  • 1-10 – Rate the idea on a scale from 1-10 (1 = bad to 10 = really good)

  • Impact – Score the idea based on two variables: impact (impact on the higher goal) and investment (investment in time/money/resources to accomplish this idea)

After you have done your reviews, the popup will automatically close down and you can proceed to the next objective.

The endnote is the last phase in the mission. This last phase is also the last review round for the mission. It's important to check out this last endnote because it will always have some sort of information of what the company will do with all the ideas that have been generated. Also; that last review is one of the most important ones!

During the mission you will always get updates on scores of your team and your own score as an individual agent. View the article on how the leaderboard works. 

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