Accept Mission is build to be as user friendly as possible. Every mission is build with blocks. These blocks stand for the invitation, briefing, objectives, breaks and the endnote.

Edit mission settings

This is where you make sure the basic settings of the mission are correct. Think about the name, description and team size of your mission.

The builder

1. Invitation

The invitation is already in your builder. Make sure to select the right time and date. Write an short invitation text that your agents will see.

2. Mission start
Select a time for when your mission wil start. At the mission start your first round will begin.

2. Briefing

Drag and drop the briefing block into the mission interface. Automatically a box will pop up with the settings for the briefing. Make sure to set up the correct text to inform your users and how long the briefing will last.

Click on the following support article to see how to write good content for your mission.

3. Brainstorm
Drag and drop the brainstorm block into the mission interface. Each block stands for a question or objective. Look at all the settings and fill the empty spots. Important settings are the review type you use (your agents will use this review type), the duration of the objective and the question/description. There are also advanced options if you scroll down. These are options like setting a reminder for the agents that have not submitted any ideas. You can also add additional files, like a powerpoint or word file, to provide your agents with more information or visuals.

4. Endnote

The endnote is already dropped in your Mission Builder. This is the last round of your Mission. This block is used to leave a thank you for the agents to enjoy, but it's also the last round of reviewing for the previous objective. It's important to leave a good thank you text to motivate your agents to select the end note and hereby forcing them to do a last review. 

Save as template

In Accept Mission it's also possible to save your mission into a template to use it more often. You can do this by simply selecting save as template in your builder.

Be sure to check our support article about the correct way to analyze your data gathered from a brainstorm. Also take a look at our support article to create a mission from scratch to see the next steps.

If you have any questions, be sure to contact us. You can click on the green chat symbol in the bottom right corner to talk to our service desk.

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