How to: Write good content for a mission.

Following this how to will result in amazing content for your missions!

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A mission can develop into good results. We are here to help you to turn those good results into amazing results by making a few small changes to the way you write content for your mission. We’ll explain the do and don’ts for the different objectives/rounds we’ve got.


The invite is the first round your users will see. They will open this round right after they have accepted the mission. A good invite consists of:

  • A short and simple text that explains why the participants have been selected and what the purpose of this mission is (for example: You have been selected with other creative minds for this mission to think about the future of our theme park innovation lands).

  • Give a short teaser for the mission, but not too much. You want to explain the mission in the briefing or in later rounds (for example: You will think about a new attraction we want in our theme park!).


The briefing is most of the time the follow up round of the invite (This round is not obligated).  This round gives you and opportunity to explain why you started this mission and what you want to achieve. A good briefing consists of:

  • Your problem or question. This will help your participants understand why you started this mission and what the importance is. 

  • Give all the details that might be necessary to the problem or question you have (For example: if your problem is that you are not getting enough visitors, it might be important to give statistics on the current visitor count and how it’s declining/rising).

  • Explain the goal of this mission and what you want to achieve. Now that you’ve giving you participants enough information about the problem/question you have, you can now explain what you want from this mission. Make your goal/question for this mission as exciting as you can make it to motivate you participants (for example: We want you to think of an amazing new attraction that we can implement in our theme park!) 

Objective (Brainstorm round):

The objective is where you ask for the first input from your participants. You want to get as many and valuable results from this objective as you can. If you got your invite and briefing on point, you can count on some good results. For amazing results, you’ll need an amazing objective. This consists of:

  • A sharp and exciting brainstorm question in the title. Be clear on what you want from the round but make it exciting. (for example: A don’t is: Think of an attraction you have ever been to. A do is: Think of three amazing attraction that you remember the most!) 

  • Try to make your Question SMART (Specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic and time-related). By doing this you’ll trigger your participants to achieve this goal you set.

  • Explain your question in the description with details and examples. You can explain some details of the question in the description to explain your question. It’s important to work with examples to inspire your participants. For example: if your brainstorm question is: Think of three amazing new attractions for our new theme park. Your description should be something like this: Go all out on this round, nothing is crazy. Try to think out of the box. For example, we want to introduce a new free fall to our park that is 80 meters above the ground and 20 under the ground. By giving such an example, you can inspire your participants

For more inspiration take a look at our templates. You can always contact us if you need more support!

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