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Accept Mission security
Accept Mission security

We're more than committed to building a secure system.

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Strong Data Encryption

All data transfer to and from our Cloud services is encrypted with Transport Layer Security (TLS). Accept Mission’s implementation of TLS uses strong ciphers and protocols by default. Encryption is strongly implemented on the transport layer but also in communication between services and within the databases. Data is encrypted at rest according to the level of your team's subscription. If you'd like to talk more about encryption or your company's data management requirements, please contact us.

Security & Penetration Testing

The Accept Mission team performs thorough internal quality assurance testing. We also annually (at minimum) contract certified security professionals to conduct an extensive security audit (penetration test and web application vulnerability tests) of Accept Mission.

If you find a vulnerability in one of our services, please report it to us. 

Hosted on Microsoft Azure

We use one of industry's top cloud provider, Microsoft Azure to host all of Accept Mission services. All services and data is stored in data centers in Western-Europe. These have excellent standards and provide good data protection. You can read more about their security here.

Payment Processing

Accept Mission uses Stripe for all payment processing, which means that we never store any of your credit card data. You can learn more about their security policies and PCI compliance here.

Operational Security

Access to Accept Mission’s systems, and your data, is restricted to only those who need access in order to provide you with the best support possible.

Other security measures include:

Background checks for our employeesSigned confidentiality agreementsTermination/access removal processesAcceptable use agreements 

Security is the responsibility of everyone who works at Accept Mission, and it is taken seriously.

We train all of our employees so that they can identify security risks, and are empowered to take action if necessary.

Risk Management

An integral part of the information security program, Accept Mission conducts thorough and timely risk assessments. These assessments examine any potential threats and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Customer Data that is stored, transmitted, and/or processed for its Customers. We then develop strategies to efficiently and effectively mitigate the risks identified in the assessment process.

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