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Accept Mission Software updates

All the latest software updates deployed

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  • Star update with Level - In the header you see now what level you have. This is based on the XP points. XP points you get by using the platform: ideas, comments, likes, create missions, selections, projects, tags, skills, and many more activities.

  • Update idea/project statuses - Updated both the Idea and Project statuses. I added the idea statuses "Submit" and "Review" and the project statuses "Review" and "Delivery."

  • Update of generating ideas with AI - Better performance and adding images to ideas with powerful prompts and Dall-e integration.


  • Design update of Home - Fonts, card updates, and mission landing optimizations.

  • Mission input type - In a Campaign, you can define what you are collecting. Ideas? or Problems, Challenges, Risks, Strategy, etc.

  • Idea Type - In a mission, you can configure the type of idea an idea has. This can be an Idea, Problem, Challenge, Risk, etc.

  • Generate ideas with AI—Users in Missions (campaigns) can now generate ideas for missions via our AI Model.

  • Admin Studio Sibar menu collapse—You can set the sidebar to collapse to make more space for the application. Hovering over the menu expands it.

  • Idea Funnel Design update - The idea funnel did get the new design update. New features: labels on the cards (opportunity, trending, high score), smaller cards without losing key information.

  • Project funnel update - The project funnel was updated with new views, impact graphs, and performance updates by splitting the views into separate pages. Also, the latest funnel, view, and filters are personalized.

  • Admin Studio Design update: The top bar, including the user menu and main menu, has been updated to reflect the new application branding.


  • Find duplicates - With an advanced AI model, we now check the potential duplicate / similar ideas even better. Added a filter in the funnel, In an idea you can check on duplicates (ACTION) and Funnel owners receive a notification for newly found duplicates. Read more

  • Start Project - All possible fields will be used when starting a new project from an idea. Also, the status of the idea will be updated to approved. Read more

  • Funnel lanes numbering—All funnel lanes (stages/gates) are presented now with logical numbering in the order in which they appear in Kanban, listview, and dropdowns.

  • Clone Funnels—You can now clone a funnel in the Edit mode. This copies all the settings of the funnel into a new Cloned funnel.

  • Company creation - New companies are now dynamically receiving the latest version of the template tags/trends.


  • POWER FILTERS - These smart filters are specially built to make your work easier and more effective. They help you see what to do (enrich ideas, score ideas, and show which ideas are based on smart algorithms with more potential value).

    • Engagement score - This score is based on the engagement (views, likes, comments, etc) of users within the funnel.

    • Enrichment score - This score represents the completeness of the ideas. The more complete the idea is the higher the score.

    • Idea score—This score represents the total score of an idea given in the Score module. It helps determine which ideas need to be scored.

    • Opportunity score - This score is based on a smart AI service that combines many variables, scores, and interactions to calculate a score per idea that tells how interesting this idea is first to evaluate.

  • Performance update - A new set of performance updates is implemented. Improved the overall performance of the software.

  • DATA FILTERS - All standard data filters and custom field filters you can find now in the [FILTERS] button.

  • Personalized Blocks - The Admin blocks in IDEAS and PROJECTS you can open/close. Now it saves the configuration per user.

  • AM Score Live - The Admin score in the Scoring modules for both IDEAS and PROJECTS is now live calculated.

  • Adjust images upgrade - From now images can be adjusted in an advanced way. Select or drag and drop new images. Adjust with select, rotate, and zoom to position the image pixel-perfect!

  • Filter on custom fields - You can now make use of filtering on custom fields connected to the funnel. You can find them under Funnel filters.



  • Merge & Bundle - Merge ideas into one idea or bundle multiple ideas into a new idea. Idea Funnel > Action

  • Selection Previous and Next - Participants in a selection mission can now freely navigate to previous and next ideas in a selection mission.

  • My profile image adjustments - You can now adjust your profile image so it will fit perfectly. You can adjust the position and the zoom. Save and it is updated!

  • Funnel management Scores - You can now show or hide Scores per funnel

  • Funnel management Custom Fields - You can now show or hide custom fields per funnel.


  • TOPIC pages. Every tag/trend has a Topic page now. By clicking on one of the tags, the page will be presented with related Ideas, Projects, and Experts!

  • My profile Skills - per user and also in "My Profile", users can add skills. This is connected to the tag Management. Users can also add new tags.

  • Skill finder - From the Admin user management you can now filter users based on Skills (tags/trends).

  • Tag Variants - In tag management, you can now add multiple variants (way of writing) to a tag/trend. For example, "VR" and "Virtual Reality". When users add ideas automatically based on these variants tags will be added.

  • Merge tags - In tag management, you can merge tags and variants. This will also update all related ideas, projects, missions, and skills.

  • Trending Tags - On the company HOME page at the bottom you see the top-performing tags/trends. Click on it to open the topic pages.

  • AI Services - the AI service is running to generate topic descriptions, also a smart service to connect people to topics on the topics page, and in user management, this is used to find experts per topic!

  • Idea notification - Configure the idea submitted notification browser popup or email notification. Provides process clarification and stimulates activity.


  • Adjust images manually - adjust images of your profile, mission, etc. After uploading you can optimize images: zoom, crop, and rotate.

  • Home landing page - design can now be adjusted with title, subtitle, colors, intro text, quote, visibility of items, etc.

  • Group Management - Select groups and smart groups for access management departments for idea and selection missions.

  • Customize mission forms to add ideas by participants or Admins. Add custom fields, reorder the fields, show or hide fields, and make fields required.

  • Generate your mission briefing with smart AI integration. It saves lots of time and increases quality.

  • Boards design updates with total ideas for mobile devices.


  • Generate your mission briefing with smart AI integration. It saves lots of time and increases quality.

  • Customize mission forms to add ideas by participants or Admins. Add custom fields, reorder the fields, show, or hide fields, and make fields required.

  • Publish/unpublish missions within the admin studio toolbars.

  • Avatar update: All users with no custom avatar update received a new avatar with initials and colors.

  • The Boards tool got a significant design update. Included is the mission report.


  • Performance improvement of the Innovation Funnel, Pipeline, and workflow.

  • Update of the main Innovation Dashboard.

  • Update of the 'Data Connector' with new smart insights and an update of the Power BI dashboard templates.

  • LEARN buttons on every tool page to start product tours, courses, and how-to videos.

  • Design update and flow improvement of the Group decision-maker: Selection

  • New feature: Activity feed for ideas, projects, and users.









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