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Duplicate / similar ideas
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Every idea in every funnel is checked regularly for duplicates or similar ideas. The funnel owner will be notified of any new duplicates that have been found. We make use of a very advanced AI-language model to check on similarity. So, our method is not based on exactly matching words but on similarity. This means that based on the title and the description, we find other ideas that are nearby or, of course, an exact match.

You can also easily check for duplicates yourself at any time:

  • Check what ideas have potential duplicates

  • Check if an idea has duplicates

  • Notification of new duplicates

Check what ideas have potential duplicates

As an Admin, you can always check if there are potential duplicates. For this, open a funnel and then click FILTERS. There, you click on the filter 'DUPLICATES'. The funnel will be filtered according to your choice.

Check if an idea has duplicates

To check if an idea has potential duplicates, you can open one of the ideas in the Admn Studio form a funnel, go to ACTIONS, and choose FIND DUPLICATES.

This will open a popup with potential duplicates of the software found for you within this funnel. Now, you can open the ideas by clicking on them, and you can also choose to merge the ideas.

Merge or Bundle duplicate ideas

In the above popup, you can select one or even multiple ideas and then click on the button "MERGE or BUNDLE SELECTED IDEAS". This will result in a popup that helps you to decide to merge or bundle ideas:

  • MERGE - This will merge two ideas into one idea. You select the parent idea, and automatically, all other ideas become a child of this parent. The parent idea will be visible in the funnel as if you are putting a paperclip on two pieces of paper.

  • BUNDLE - This will create a new idea and make the rest of the ideas a child of this new parent idea as if you are bundling multiple ideas in a newly created folder.

Notification of new duplicates

Multiple times a day, the software checks if new potential duplicates are found. If we find a new duplicate in a funnel, we will notify the Funnel Owner with an email notification that we found potential duplicates. In the message, we share how many new potential duplicates we found.

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