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How to: Whitelist domain
How to: Whitelist domain

Make sure that all notifications pass the spam filter

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Accept Mission sends hundreds to thousands mails a day. We are proud of our good reputation based on delivery and spam report. But sometimes it can happen that our notification mails are flagged as spam. To avoid this we recommend you to whitelabel our domain / IP address from which we send Accept Mission notification mails.

Whitelist as a client:
If you are an end user you can also whitelist us. The most simple way is to add [email protected] to you address book.
Please read the following: How To Whitelist Email

Whitelist as a server admin:
The most effective way of whitelisting is done your own IT. Please contact your server admin to whitelist us. Please send them this article.

We are sending our notification mails from:

Mail address: [email protected]

More information:

If you have any questions please contact us.

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