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Opportunity Score
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To help Admins with defining what todo's there are in the funnel and to help in what ideas a potential interesting ideas we offer different power Scores in the idea funnel:

Power Scores:

  • Engagement Score - This score is based on the views, likes, comments, etc of users within the funnel. The more engagement the higher the score.

  • Enrichment Score - This score represents how complete ideas are filled in. The more complete the idea is the higher the score. This will also help in knowing what ideas need to be enriched.
    Learn more about the Enrichment score

  • Idea Score - This score represents the total score of an idea given in the Score module per idea. This will also help in knowing what ideas need to be scored.
    Learn more about the Idea Score

  • Trend Score - This score represents how trending this idea is based on the company trends, industry trends, and global trends.
    Learn more about the Trend Score

  • Opportunity Score - This score is based on a smart AI service that combines many variables, scores, and interactions to calculate a score per idea that tells how interesting this idea is first to evaluate.
    Learn more about the Opportunity Score

What is the Opportunity Score?

Based on more than 50 variables one of our AI Services is helping you to spot the most potential ideas with the opportunity score. This score is the most powerful of all the scores because all of the above scores are used as input for the AI model. But many more inputs are used to understand and advise what the potential best ideas are.

Where can you see these scores?

Idea Funnel Power Filters

In the idea funnel you can find the Smart filters on the most important scores. You can see those scores as a to-do list (to enrich ideas, to score ideas) and also to see the opportunity per idea for success.

List view columns

Open your funnel and select the list view. Here you will see the columns with all the scores. You can order all items on these values.

Statistics block per idea

All scores can be seen per idea in the Statistics block. Open your ideas and then on the right side all the way down you see Statistics.

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