Accept mission is an Innovation management platform designed to provide organisations, innovation managers and innovators with powerful tools to collect, select and execute the best ideas and report on the created business value. With Accept Mission you create business value for your organisation by managing the innovation portfolio and can create reports to share with management. Accept Mission is a product designed and owned by Creatieve Koppen - Innovation Consultancy (

QUICK START contents:

In this quick start manual you can find tips & tricks and links to help you set up your brainstorm campaigns and missions more easily. On our support pages (knowledge base) you can find all the answers to questions such as “how to create an ideation brainstorm campaign?”,how to invite new users to a mission?” or “how to set innovation goals?”. Also this guide contains links to relevant short video tutorials with explanation on “how to” use Accept Mission and generate maximum value for your organisation.

  1. Introduction: What is Accept Mission (Corporate video)

  2. Collect, Select & Execute: Idea box, Campaigns (ideation), boards, selection, Projects

  3. FAQ: Find all the answers to your questions about Accept Mission

  4. Tutorials: many video’s with “how to use Accept Mission”

  5. How to Chat with AM support desk

  6. Contact details AM support

1. Introduction: What is Accept Mission

Accept Mission is a powerful Innovation & idea management software tool designed to generate value for organisations, innovation teams and innovation managers who need tools to structure their idea management process and maximise their innovation output (value creation).

What is Idea management (gartner definition)
Idea management is a structured process of collecting outstanding ideas, identifying the best, sorting invaluable insights, and executing them within the business processes of the organization. Ideas come in many forms such as customer feedback, feature requests, problems or product suggestions. Managing these ideas requires maintaining a backlog. With this backlog you can identify your best ideas and work further on it. Effective idea management is the outcome of simplifying for the entire team to contribute to the future of the product.

The platform has two work environments:

  1. Admin view: An administrator view for managers (admins) to create missions, invite users and report on mission progress and innovation value

  2. Users view: A public view for users (agents) to join and participate in missions
    Note: only users with admin rights (admin or super admin) can switch between admin and user view.

In this corporate video we show our Product “Accept Mission” and what it can do for your business. Share this video with your management, investors, partners or users.

2. Collect, Select & Execute the best ideas (workflow)

In this paragraph we are going to explain to you the 3 phases of Innovation management, what tools to use and examples of several use cases.

COLLECT: Accept Mission offers 3 tools to collect ideas. Each tool is designed for different use case, and has is unique benefits and set up.

Idea Box (collect):
Create "private" or "open" idea boxes to collect lots of ideas from different sources (internal, external) over a long period of time. Use idea boxes for any topic such as new products, new services, improve strategy, solve challenges or think about solutions. Let users upvote ideas by liking and commenting on ideas (peer reviewing). As Admin user you can analyse ideas and add scores (impact, investment, strategic fit) to the collected ideas and manage the status (progress) of ideas in the kanban overview.

Ideation brainstorms (collect):
Create brainstorm ideations (former campaigns) to collect many ideas and fill your idea pipeline in a short period of time. Automate your email notifications and brainstorm rounds with timers. Do peer review after each brainstorm round or Expert reviews when mission is complete. Create leaderboards with best ideas & best agents. Ideal for big idea challenges with medium to large groups. Once the campaign is finished you can review & score ideas and copy ideas to an idea box of choice for further processing by adding more relevant information (impact, investment, strategic fit).

Boards (collect):
Create a board to quickly share & collaborate on ideas in real time. It is an easy to use collaboration tool (no setup) which comes in very useful to brainstorm during video meetings or with small groups. Once the white board session is finished you can copy ideas to an idea box of choice for further processing and adding more relevant relevant information (impact, investment, strategic fit).

SELECT: Accept Mission offers several tools to capture feedback and to help you make smart decisions. Review, manage and select the best ideas from your idea funnel.

Ideas (idea management)
Idea funnel: Use collect tool such as "Idea boxes", "brainstorm ideations" and "boards" to fill your idea funnel. With IDEAS you can analyse, review (expert), filter and compare all collected ideas and make idea shortlists based on "best strategic fit", "highest impact" / "rating" or "most received likes".

Selection (select):
Use selection for smart decision making: With selection you can review, score and validate a subset of ideas with a stakeholder group (partners, clients, jury) based on custom criteria's and create an validated short list of the best ideas for your innovation roadmap to execute / develop / implement.

Three types of "reviewing & scoring" ideas for the decision making process

Peer review
(Collect): This is the first gate in the decision making process and mostly done during idea generation phase. Peer review is very useful to pre-filter a long list of captured ideas during or after a mission. Users (peers) are adding feedback, scores and likes whilst participating in a particular mission.
AM tools: idea box, campaigns, boards
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Expert review
(Select): When a mission is complete, Mission managers (experts) can view all ideas and add expert scores (star rating, impact, investment scores) to choose which best "peer reviewed" ideas should will be put on short list to be further analysed, investigated and managed as potential innovation project.
AM tools: Ideas, idea box, Campaigns
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Stakeholder review (Select): Final gate in decision making process is done by a stakeholder group (management, clients or partners) to validate a set of very good ideas and to prioritise & select best voted ideas as your next innovation project.
AM tools: selection
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Projects (execute):
Create a project portfolio to manage your innovation projects and report real business value.

Automated communication:
By using any of the above innovation tools (ideabox, campaigns, boards, selection etc) users will receive mission related mails and updates (email notifications) which are send out before, during and after a mission (challenge, campaign or session). Basically these mails contain actions for the invited/participating user: either "join a new mission", reminder that a "mission is active" or "new round has started" and at the end of a mission that the "user needs to review" some ideas. Managers can send personalised messages when inviting users to join a mission.

Stimulate idea collaboration - Tag users in comments with @username
To stimulate collaboration on ideas users have the ability to add comments to idea cards and tag other users by writing "@username" in the comment section. The tagged person will receive a notification via email with a link to view the idea card. This is very useful if you think someone should read (or provide feedback to) a particular idea.

3. FAQ: Find answers with Support Articles:

At you can find all the answers related to using Accept Mission. The support pages provide relevant & in-depth information about Accept Mission tools, “user roles”, settings and more. Type in your question or keyword and it will provide a short list of relevant support articles

FAQ (short link to article)

4. “Accept Mission Tutorials”:

Throughout our platform your can find video icons like you can see below. If you click on this icon a video tutorial will start with a step by step "how to" set up a new mission.

We also have a tutorial channel where you can many short video’s on “how to” use our Accept Mission tools: Idea Box, Brainstorm Campaigns, Boards, Selection & Projects
Tip: bookmark our tutorial page

Dashboard tutorial (report)

Idea box (inbox) tutorial

Brainstorm campaigns (ideation) tutorial

Boards tutorial

Selection Tutorial


5. Chat with Customer Support

All users can ask for direct support via our chat tool in the application. You can find the RED chat box icon in the right bottom corner. By using the chat box, you can ask a question to our support team, find a relevant support article or report an issue or bug. When you are activating the chat, our support desk will get a notification and will respond within 30 minutes to your support request.

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