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How to: Review Ideas
How to: Review Ideas

How to start reviewing ideas in Accept Mission

Updated over a week ago

Once the second objective is started, Accept Mission will ask you to review the ideas of the previous rounds. You will always start in the mission timeline.

1. To start reviewing: click on 'Review now'ย 

2. After you have clicked on 'Review now' Accept Mission will open up the review pop-up.

3. Read the idea and think about it. Then you rate the idea according to the type of rating. In Accept Mission you have different types of ratings that you can choose as Mission Manager. For example, star rating or impact rating (as in the image above).

4. Click on the next idea to rate the next idea.

5. Keep going till you have reviewed all of the ideas. Top right of the popup is where you can find the amount of ideas you will have to review.

Good luck agent!

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