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Email integration: Add ideas via email
Email integration: Add ideas via email

Simply send an mail to add an idea

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What is it

In setting up a mission you can choose also to create a unique email address to add ideas by mail to this mission.

  1. Go to the Admin Studio

  2. Open the mission

  3. Go to the tag Integrations:


  • The FROM email address will be used as the CREATOR of the idea.

  • The SUBJECT of the mail will be used as the idea's TITLE.

  • The BODY of the mail will be used as DESCRIPTION of the idea.

  • ATTACHMENT of the mail will be used as FILES connected to the idea.

  • The first IMAGE as ATTACHMENT will be used as the IMAGE of the idea.

Use cases

  • External Form to submit ideas - You create a FORM that submits the values to an mail address

  • Integration - Build an integration to add ideas into Accept Mission.

  • Offline idea submission - Invite people to submit ideas offline

  • Invite external users to submit ideas. You can also invite user outside your organization into the platform but this is an alternative way.


Take good notice of the security. These rules always apply:

  • The user (from address) needs to be in the system as valid-user

  • Only users who are allowed In the mission can add ideas via mail

  • The email needs to be set up following the general email guidelines.


As a user (FROM address) you will always receive an email notification:

  • Successful - You mail is been added to the mission as a new idea

  • Failed - The mail could not be added to the mission. Most of the time this is a security reason.

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