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Empower people with AI generated ideas!

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Who is more creative, humans or Robots? This article needs to provide the answer, but it will explain how to superpower participants. We believe in the ultimate collaboration between humans and machines.

You can enable the option to let users use AI generation of ideas!

Configure Mission to Accept AI ideas

Admin Studio > Open your Mission > Details > Allow AI-Generated Ideas

if this option is not available for you please get in touch with support (Live chat)

When enabled you see in the Mission the option to Generate ideas:

After clicking on GENERATE IDEA, a popup will appear that asks you for a keyword. This is needed to fill in and to steer the generation in a direction you want. The generation is based on a prompt we engineered and take into consideration: Mission title, Mission type, Mission briefing, Keyword, etc.

The generation will generate three possible options. You can select one of the three to start a new idea. After choosing one of the generated ideas, you can edit it and submit it to the mission.

Enjoy these extra powers!

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