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How to: Invite new users via User Management (settings)
How to: Invite new users via User Management (settings)

This article describes the steps on how to invite new users

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Now your company environment is live on Accept Mission, you also want to invite your colleagues, co-workers, partners or even clients to join your innovation missions in Accept Mission and help realising your innovations goals.

This article describes different ways how to invite new users to your organisation.

Invite new users via USER MANAGEMENT

User Management can be found in "Settings" > "User management"
in User management, the Company Captain and Mission Managers can invite new users (colleagues, co-workers) to join as agents on our Platform.

Invite a new user (manually)

in user management, click on the red button [ INVITE USER ]

A pop up window asks you to fill in "firstname" + "lastname" in the first column and "email address" in the second column

Click on "add to list", now the new user will receive an invitation mail to join your company in Accept Mission .

The new agent receives an email and needs to click on the [accept invite] button in that mail

Invite a large group of users via CSV import

In user management you can also import users via uploading a csv file.

First you need to create a csv file with contact details by using an excel file.

The excel / csv file should consists of
[ Firstname Lastname]

[ Email ]

Tips on how to create and upload a csv file click here

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