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User roles explained
User roles explained

Manage the roles in User Management: User, Guest, Admin and Super Admin

Updated over a week ago

All Accept Mission users have a role. Standard every user is connected with the role: User.

User roles


This is the standard role of every user added to the system manually or via Single Sign On. Users can participate in idea missions, be assigned to Ideas/projects as team members, and participate in selections.

Guest User

We provide access to external users of your company. For example when your company domain is "" and you invite a person that is connected to the domain: "" then that user automatically becomes a GUEST user.

Guest users can only participate in missions, selections, etc when they are explicitly on the ACCESS list.


These are the Innovators on the platform who can create missions, funnels, selections, projects, etc.

Super Admin
These are the users who can change the configuration of the software for specific elements. For example, only Super Admins can assign other users to the Super Admin role. Also, Super Admins have access to all missions, funnels, etc.



Normal users and guest users work in the HOME of the application., The Admins work most of the time in the Admin Studio. This is the place to create/manage funnels, ideas, missions, selections, projects, etc.

How to change the user role

Open the user and change the user role field into the requested role. Is the role is not on the list then you don't have the right to assign this role to users. Contact one of the Super Admins to help.

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