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Guest Users & approved domains
Guest Users & approved domains

Increase your information security with approved domains

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In Accept Mission it is possible to manage user security access based on approved domains: There are two types of users:

1) "Approved" or normal users: they have normal access based on their user role (Super Admin, Admin, User) and mission access settings (invite only or open).

2) "Guest Users" are for example partners, clients or external stakeholders. Per default they have no access to your mission information. Guest Users only have access to missions and idea cards to which they are specifically invited by an Admin user. You can see 'guest' behind their name in the user management and idea cards.

How to manage users / guest users?

You can manage your user security settings in Settings > Security page.

This page shows all "approved domains" for your company. Approved domains are your company trusted accounts for employees, departments, foreign offices or even trusted partners.

Users from domains that are not on the approved domain list are considered "guest user". In user management you can see all your guest users. All guest users have (guest) behind their name and assigned to role Guest.

Example: in the images above you can see "" & "" are approved domains. If I invite [email protected] to join our platform, he is considered "guest user" because "" is not on the approved domains list.

There are 4 types of users

Approved users
1 Super Admin: can change user roles, change company settings.

2 Admin: can create new missions, invite users, see statistics, analyse ideas.

3 User: can join missions, share ideas, like & comment on other ideas.

Unapproved user

4 Guest user: can only join mission after receiving invite.

What happens if domain is added to the Approved List?

If a domain is added to the "approved" domains list, normal access rules apply to access mission related information based on
1) their user role (user, admin, super admin)
2) the mission settings "private" or "open". ("Private" means only users that are invited have access to that mission. "Open" means that all approved users have access to mission related information, such as mission information and idea cards. - see image below with example idea box Access)

What happens if you remove a domain?
If you remove a domain from the approved list, the "admin" + "user" accounts belonging to that domain will automatically be downgraded to "guest user"
a) when user is logged with every click on any button

b) when the user needs to logs in.

NOTE: Super admins are not affected by removing them from the approved domains list. This is to avoid that a super admin removes his/her own domain, as a consequence he is downgraded to guest user and has no access to his company information anymore. So If you want to downgrade an external super admin to guest user, you need to manually downgrade him to user. The next time this super admin clicks on any button or logs in again, is downgraded to "guest user"

How to add an domain:

1) in settings/security click on [ ADD DOMAIN ]

2) add "" or "" or ""
no need to write "@", just <domain>.com

How to Invite Partners, Clients to join our innovation campaigns.

If you want to invite external partners, stakeholder, suppliers or clients to join a specific innovation campaign (mission) as "Guest User", just invite them with the User Management ( by clickin on the
[ INVITE USER ] button

You do not have to put their domain on the approved domains list. "Guest Users" have very limited access and can only join missions based on invite only.

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