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The purpose of this manual is to help “innovators” understand the full potential of Accept Mission in achieving the innovation goals.

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Accept Mission is an Idea & Innovation management platform. It is designed to provide organizations, innovation managers, and innovators with easy-to-use bit powerful tools to accelerate innovation. The major domain this software covers is: Idea campaigns, idea management, and innovation portfolio. Everything you need to collect, enrich, track, score, and select the best ideas. Manage campaigns to collect ideas and stimulate collaboration and finally track and report on all innovation projects and their performance.

Our mission is to help you create business value for your stakeholders by solving business problems through implementing the innovation process. Our platform makes it easy for you to manage innovations and create detailed reports to share with your teams.

QUICK START contents:

In this quick start manual, you can find tips & tricks to help you set up your idea management workflows, launch innovation campaigns and select the best ideas from your innovation funnels to start as innovation project. This guide also contains links to frequently asked questions, relevant video tutorials, and support pages.

TIP: We also have an online academy available in the application navigation with many free online courses. This will help you increase your knowledge and expertise about idea & innovation management.

1. Introduction: What is Accept Mission

Accept Mission is a powerful Innovation & idea management software tool designed to generate value for organizations, innovation teams, and innovation managers who need tools to structure their idea management process and maximize their innovation output (value creation).

What is Idea management (Gartner definition)
Idea management is a structured process of collecting outstanding ideas, identifying the best, sorting invaluable insights, and executing them within the business processes of the organization. Ideas come in many forms such as customer feedback, feature requests, problems or product suggestions. Managing these ideas requires maintaining a backlog. With this backlog, you can identify your best ideas and work further on it. Effective idea management is the outcome of simplifying for the entire team to contribute to the future of the product.

The platform has two work environments:

  1. User environment: The user environment is for all users (users, guest users, admins and super admins) with an overview of the available missions and interactions.
    -> Go to user side: User home

  2. Admin environment: The administrator environment is specifically for managers (admins + super admins). In the Admin environment you can create missions (innovation campaigns), invite users, edit account settings, find dashboards and manage your all your innovations in funnels and portfolio's.
    -> Go to Admin side: Admin home

    Switch Environment
    Admin users can easily switch between User environment and Admin Environment via my profile > switch view

In this video, we show our Product “Accept Mission” and what it can do for your business. Share this video with your management, investors, partners, or users.

1. Quick overview

2. Innovation Dashboard

2. Idea Management (funnel management)

3. Missions

Accept Mission has a unique set of tools to collect and collaborate on ideas with people within your organization or even outside. We have three kinds of missions:

3.1. Mission: Idea box

3.1. Mission: Boards

3.1. Mission: Ideation

4. Selection - groups decision making

5. Projects - groups decision making

6. Contact details

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