How to: create a new idea box

After reading this article you'll be able to create and manage a new Idea box .

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Idea boxes are a great way to collect ideas. Create idea boxes for Idea challenges, Innovation campaigns or to collect ideas for new products and services. Invite people to join your challenges by sharing their ideas in your idea box. You should review the ideas and filter out the best ideas from the rest. This should ultimately lead to a shortlist of high-impact innovation projects.
This support article shows how you how to create your own idea box.

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Step 1: Click on COLLECT / idea box

The first step is to login to and move over to the idea box page under COLLECT.

Step 2: Create a new idea box.

The next step is to simply click on create new idea box. Give your idea box a suitable name and click save!

Step 3: Set the Idea box Settings

General settings:
The first step after creating a new idea box is to set your general settings. Set a good idea box title and add a description of the goal or objective of this idea box.
For example:
Title: Customer satisfaction
Description: How can we improve our customer satisfaction?
upload an image to make the idea box more interesting

End Date: You can set an idea box timer that counts down to zero. When the timer hits zero, the Idea box will be set to "offline" and becomes inaccessible for regular users. However, as an admin, you can still access the idea box ideas and settings via the admin environment.

Important to understand
Access: You can set idea box to "open" or "private" . "open" is the default setting and means that this idea box is open to all active users linked to your company. "Private" means that this idea box is only accessible to users who have received an invitation to join this idea box.
Agent Profile: Set idea box to "real identity" or "undercover". Real identity is default option, but if you choose "undercover" than users need to choose an avatar and when adding new ideas or commenting the real identity will not be displayed in the Idea box (on agent side)

Step 4: Invite Agents to join your idea box

After you've successfully created the Idea box settings, you're ready to invite agents to join your idea box to start collecting ideas.

Step 5: Adding Ideas

You can add ideas via the "Manager" environment or via the "Agent" environment

As manager you can add ideas by clicking on [ add ideas ]

As Manager you can click on red [ add idea ] button to add new idea

Add idea as agent (on agent side).
Find your idea box, click on idea box and add your idea.

How to switch from manager to agent -> via my profile > change default company -> update

Step 6: Rating an idea

You can rate your own and other ideas on impact and investment. You can also add a comment to an idea. Go to an idea by clicking on it, scroll down and add your comments and rating. 

Step 7: Manage your idea boxes

In the idea box section, admininstrators can manage the idea boxes. In case your challenge is finished, you can "archive" your idea box by using [ action ], or you can take your challenge offline.

"Live" Switch
With the "live" switch you can turn the idea boxes on and off . When an idea box is turned off, it is offline and becomes unavailable for regular users.

Go check out our Accept Mission video tutorial:
How to create an idea box and manage ideas

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