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Idea Box Mission

An idea box is a great way to collect ideas. With an idea box you can collect ideas over a long period of time. If you have a clear topic, problem or objective, invite people to share their ideas. The goal is to collect many ideas in your idea box mission for further analysis

Why Idea box

There are always a lot of opportunities within the organization to innovate. This idea box feature delivers a solution to create multiple idea boxes and to store ideas in it. For example, when people in your organization have great ideas on how to increase customers satisfaction or an idea for a new product.  

How to create a new idea box

All Admin users and super admin users can create Idea box Missions. Admin users can create a new idea box from the user environment (1) and the admin environment (2) by clicking on the [ Add idea box ] buttons

Example 1 - user environment

Example 2 - admin environment

Idea box settings

Whenever you create a new idea box, you need to set some general settings.
This means that you need to give your idea box a clear title, a main question (like a problem you like to be solved), a description of your idea box (what is the issue? how do you want it to be solved? and some instructions) and maybe set an end date (deadline timer). Upload an image to make your idea box stand out.

You need to link your idea box to a funnel. In the funnel you can manage your ideas in different stages and gates. You can find all active funnels in the [ ideas ] section.

With "access" you can decide who can join your missions. When you create a new idea box, the "access" is default set to open. This means every users within your organization can join this mission. If you do not want your idea box to be open, change this to "Private". Users need an invitation to join your idea box.

With "Agent Profile" you can decide if your idea box mission uses real identity or uses gamification by going undercover by having to choose an avatar. In that case all users go undercover and their true identity is undisclosed.

Invite Agents
If your mission is private you need to invite people. in the tab Agents, you can choose who should receive an invitation to join my mission. Here you can [ Add users ] from your active userbase to your invite list. Or you can directly invite new users by adding them to your list.


in the invite tab you can write a personal invitation email to your user list.

IDea box Live vs Offline

In the Collect > idea box section you can turn on / off your idea box.
If an idea box is offline, this means the users can't enter the idea box in the user environment.

However admin users can still enter the idea box from the admin interface and see all idea cards.

View Mission as user

we build in smart buttons to easily switch between admin view and user view. This means that you can [ view mission ] as a user. Make sure the idea box is not offline

Edit mission as admin
if you are in the user environment as a user, you can easily [ edit mission ]. This will lead you to the settings page of the idea box.

If you need more support be sure to contact us by clicking on the chat symbol in the bottom right corner.

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