How to use Boards

This article describes you how to set up a board mission.

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What is “BOARDS”?

Boards is an easy to use digital live collaboration tool.

This new Accept Mission tool makes both physical and remote brainstorming very effective and a piece of cake. The added value is live structured collaboration to

  • Share ideas: Quickly add ideas, comment on and like ideas, inspire and get inspired

  • Solve Challenges: Analyze, categorize and solve all kind of challenges together

  • Sharpen strategies: Get important insights and build or improve strategies.

Boards most common use cases:

  • Digital Meetings: Collaborate via video chat real time but from different places

  • Live workshops: Collaborate live in same physical room with big (touch) screen

  • Hybrid meeting: Some people are in the same physical room and others participate remotely on their device.

  • Time independent: Join a board, share insights and work together time independent

Key Features:

  • Every Accept Mission user (Agent, Mission Manager, Company Captain) can create new Boards in just seconds, invite colleagues instantly and collaborate real time.

  • Use drag & drop to categorise ideas, problems and solutions

  • Use Boards on “touch” devices such as tablets, iPads or large touch TV's

  • No loss of content with Boards after collaboration session is finished

  • Integration with other Accept Mission tools: for further collaboration

How to start a new board (all users) in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Login as user via

Step 2: Click on create new board and start your live collaboration session in just seconds

Step 3: Invite your colleagues (accept mission users) to join your collaboration session.

Note: If you want to invite clients, partners or any other 3rd party who is not registered as user to our platform, please inform your company captain and have them invited to Accept Mission via "User Management" .

Step 4: Add item cards, add columns, give likes & comments to item cards and organize the cards by dragging & dropping them in a category.

Tip: When you are done with boards collaboration session, you can view all your ideas in the IDEAS funnel

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