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Innovation Dashboard

This article will give you a recap of what exactly the Dashboard does

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The innovation dashboard is the overview dashboard of the whole platform. This means you find all the important reports combined in one overview dashboard.

Department filter

At the top of the Dashboard, you can set the department filter. With this, you can focus the dashboard based on one or multiple departments.


The KPI's are the most important KPI's for the company.

  • Ideas - total number of ideas

  • Projects - Total number of started projects

  • Success Rate - total number of finished projects divided by the total number of started projects.

  • Projects stopped - Total number of projects that have been stopped. This is a positive signal of a good innovation process that also projects are stopped on time when this is needed

  • Value in pipeline - tot sub of all revenue of all projects that have been started.

  • Value - Total value realized of projects that are completed (implemented).

Innovation Funnel

You can configure multiple idea and project funnels. This graph presents an overview of the whole funnel for the company.

  • Ideas - Total number of ideas

  • Approved ideas - Total number of ideas approved

  • Started projects - Total number of started projects

  • Finished projects - Total number of finished projects.

Top ideas

This table shows the top ideas based on the engagement score and the Admin scoring.

Score - this reflects the score per idea. When opening an idea you can find the score in the Admin tools on the right side of your screen SCORE. The max score in this is 100.

The highest-ranked ideas are probably the most interesting ideas to follow up on!

Top users

This report shows the top 10 users with the most XP points. XP is experience score. This score is based on the activity of the user on the platform: visits, ideas, projects, likes, comments, etc.

The highest-ranked users are the users who are the most active in innovation within your organization.

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