All Accept Mission users have a role. Currently we have three different user roles within Accept Mission.

  • Agent
  • Mission Manager
  • Company Captain


Agents are the participants in missions. They have the most basic role. If someone accepts a mission invite and creates an account, he/she becomes an Agent. Agents can take part in Missions from different Companies.

Mission Manager

Mission Managers are the facilitators of missions. They create and manage the mission for the agents. If a Mission Manager accepts a mission invite he also becomes an Agents in that Mission. So he/she can be both at the same time. Each Company can have multiple Mission Managers.

Company Captain

Company Captains are very similar to Mission Managers but they also have the administrator rights to a Company in Accept Mission. This means that the Company Captain is in charge of the Accept Mission subscription and user roles within the Company. Each Company has one Company Captain.

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