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How to: Outlook blocking images
How to: Outlook blocking images

Sometimes Outlook privacy settings will block images which will result in incorrect looking mails coming from Accept Mission

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To deliver a great Accept Mission experience we use notifications in the form of email. These emails use images to deliver the right feeling around the application and to easily guide users in the correct direction. 

Outlook's privacy settings

Outlook is an email application which is built around years of experience. Because of this reason there is also a built-in privacy setting to help save the user from bad experiences by clicking on faulty images or wrong links. Think of advertising, spam or phishing emails. Check out the screenshot below to see an example.

Because of this setting in Outlook you might not be able to see Accept Missions notifications properly and you will miss out on certain buttons to easily navigate back to Accept Mission

Solution to to Outlook's privacy settings

A simple way to counter this setting is to; click on the notification bar with the exclamation mark, and start downloading the images. This way Outlook knows you trust the email and you will be able to see the email properly. Everything is fine if you can see al the images and the button.

Support & Questions

I hope this article provides you with enough information to counter these privacy settings. 

If you have any further questions or if you need help, contact us through the support chat. You can find our support chat at the right bottom corner of your screen on the website and in the application.

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