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How to: Get output of the mission to analyze

After reading this article you are able to download & understand the Mission results. Moreover, you'll learn which next steps you can take.

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The Mission report gives detailed insights and result on how your Mission went or even if it’s still active, how your Mission is doing. In this overview you can see the best teams, agents and ideas. The best ideas are based on the reviews executed by agents. Click the button below to see how agents review ideas.

STEP 1: How to get the Mission results?

  • The Mission report can be downloaded at any time during the Mission. You can click on 'view stats' to download your report.

By clicking this button an excel file will open with your Mission report. 

  • When a Mission is ended, the Mission Manager will also receive a link of this excel report by mail. 

STEP 2: Understand the Excel file.

The Excel filed is categorized in different sheets. In this subparagraph I’ll explain every one of them shortly:

  • General Info: In this sheet the general information of the mission is described. This is basic information like: Mission Title, who was the Mission Manager, how many Agents were invited and how many agents accepted the Mission.

  • Objectives: This sheet shows an overview of all the objectives. It shows you: the type of a specific objective, the name, when will or did it start and when does the objective ends.

  • Top Teams: This shows you a ranking of the teams.

  • Top Agents: This shows you a ranking of the Agents.

  • Mission Critical: You can see if you selected an objective to be critical.

  • Objective: The objective sheet shows you results of a specific objective. There is an overview for every objective. This overview describes: general information about the objective and all the ideas ordered from high- to low rated, created by which team and what Agent. 

STEP 3: Next steps.

  •  You could analyze the results and then present them to those involved in the Mission;

  • You can set up a new Mission to test the ‘best ideas’ with the public (the Mission participants). Another option is to set up a new Mission with a smaller group. Both of these options are highly recommended: we know from experience that there are often several ‘best ideas’ from a mission. For example, you could set up a (short) Mission with an MPC-round where all participants can vote for their best idea once.

  • You could go through the ideas in a smaller group to determine follow-up actions of the Mission.

  • If you are satisfied with the past Mission and you want to use it more often: you are able to save the mission as a template in the Mission Manager window. 

Be sure to contact us by clicking on the green chat symbol in the bottom right corner if you need more assistance. 


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