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How to: Ideation page

After reading this support article, you'll understand the purpose of the ideations page.

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Ideation Missions

Ideation Missions generate many ideas in a short period of time. The tool facilitates in building a script and selecting the target group. Because of many gamification elements participation and creativity is stimulated. The output is a large amount of validated ideas by the participants. 


In case a challenge requires a large amount of people to generate many ideas but in a relative short period of time, an ideation mission is the solution.  

The Mission Manager creates and facilitates an ideation mission. The input is a script with questions and a list of agents. The Mission Manager can use a template or create the script from scratch. After publishing an ideation mission every agent will receive an invitation to accept the mission. The participating agents go undercover by choosing an avatar. Accept Mission creates teams, these teams of undercover agents generate ideas for each question. Agents will earn experience points and after every round they will be updated with leaderboards based on best teams, best agents and best ideas.  

Mission can be tailor made for specific goals and groups of participants. Ideation Missions have options such as: goals for agents, extra reminders when inactive, advanced user management, solo or team brainstorms, expert results, etc. 

A successfully executed mission results in a great amount of validated ideas generated by many participants. 

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