Innovation projects

Manage the progress of Innovation Projects and deliver insights to measure the innovation success rate. Get in control of the Innovation Projects and the innovation roadmap with Accept Mission Projects.


When creating a new innovation project keeping track and monitoring its progress is very important to successfully deliver the innovation.  Every innovation project needs to meet certain criteria to successfully convert to the next stage (I.e problem finding, solution finding, experiment, business case, development, delivery).  With Accept Mission you are in control to define these criteria in project settings wizzard.

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Start an Innovation Project
As a mission manager you can start an innovation project based on one of the Innovation ideas from the Inbox-, Selection-, or Ideation Missions or just start a completely new project from scratch. With "Projects" the Mission Manager can monitor the project status, stage, status updates, upcoming deadlines, strategic fit, investment in € & time and created value. Within a project new Missions can be started (such as ideation mission) to help you get the job done successfully.  

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Automatically there is a backlog of all activities of the project but you cannot keep track of activities. There are many great tools available for that. We help innovation teams to keep track of all projects and to monitor progress and created value. So, you will be in control of delivering succesful innovations and close the loop to give feedback to idea creators what results the ideas have brought. 

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