How to customize the idea form?
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In the tool Ideabox mission, you can set up campaigns to collect ideas in your organization. In the settings of the idea box, you can configure what the idea submission form looks like. Standard it contains a title, toolbar (stats, etc.), description, image, and tags. With this custom form feature, you can: reorder fields, add/remove fields, and make fields required.

Where is this form implemented?

The result of this form configuration will be visible in the mission itself and in every idea detail page in the Admin Studio.

Reorder fields

With the icon on the left side of the table, you can reorder fields in the form that matches your setup of the form.

Manage required fields

For each field, you can manage if it is a required field to fill in or not. When trying to save the idea and missing a value for a required field will provide you an inline notification.

Add a field

You can easily add new fields by clicking on the button [Add field]. You can choose from the standard form fields or fields that you created in the settings: CUSTUM FIELDS. If you don't have any fields there then first create that field in custom fields and then you can add this field to your form.

In custom fields, you can create fields with various types: text, multi line text field, number, currency, date, time, drop-down, etc.

Settings > Custom fields (ideas)

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