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Use case: Analysing trends and topics
Use case: Analysing trends and topics

Use case: Analysing trends and topics with Tag Management

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Question: “What trending topics do we see in our idea funnel?”
Use case: After running several campaigns, your idea funnel filled up with many ideas. As innovation manager, you want to see what topics are trending. Trend analysis is the process of comparing ideas over time to identify consistency, relations and/or trends. It helps you understand how your campaigns performed and helps you make the right decisions. For instance, looking at the graph you can clearly see that ‘Virtual reality’ is being used in many ideas. But looking at the keyword ‘Water attraction’, might be very interesting to further investigate. Even though there is no new project defined yet, it could still be interesting to dive deeper into topics like this. This way you see what other ideas, solutions, concepts are related to this tag. By doing this, you can extend your scope and find matching parts to a solution. Using trend analysis is also interesting to understand what is on the mind of your employees or customers when they talk about innovation. This can really open up new opportunities to further investigate.

Note: The examples below are from our demo company "Innovationlands". It is a fictive theme park with all kinds of rollercoasters, rides, attractions, and shops for the whole family.

Short clip 1: In the tag manager section (settings), use the tag cloud graph to the most used tag (keyword) and find the best ideas related to each tag.

Short clip 2: In the idea box missions (collect), use the Tag bubble graph to see what idea cards are related with each tag. This makes spotting trends based on keywords (tags) in your campaign very easy.

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