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Everything you need to know about how to manage tags, trends, skills and topics

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Tags are an ingenious way to categorize ideas, projects, missions, and people automatically and or manually. Based on this, you can create beautiful reports, analyze people´s smart skills, group ideas, search, and many other features.

What objects can be tagged?

  • Ideas can be tagged by normal users in missions and by all admins in the funnels

  • Projects can be tagged by all admins in the funnels

  • Missions can be tagged by all admins

  • People can be tagged in edit user (admins) or the 'my profile'.

Tagging people is called "skills".

How can people tag?

Tagging is easy; there is an automatic and a manual aspect to it:

Automatic tagging

Based on the tags and the variants automatically based on TITLE and DESCRIPTION fields objects will be tagged, you don't have to do anything for this. It will be based on the list of stages your company already has.

Manual tagging

You can always manually add new tags to an object. All tag elements contain three elements:

  1. The input field - here you can type in the tag you want to add to the object. If you start typing the system will help you to choose from one of the already existing tags. If it is not existing then you can hit ENTER or push the submit button to add this new tag to the system.

  2. Tag submit button - With this, you can submit a new tag to the system. After this, the tag will be visible in the result field

  3. Tag result field - this is the third element and this shows what tags are connected to the object. You can add manual items here or tags are visible because of automatic text recognition.

Manage tags in the software

In the admin settings, you can manage all the tags in your company.

Admin Studio > Settings > Tag management


  • List all tags with important metadata

  • Edit tag title and description - You can use the AI integration.

  • View the topics page connected to the tag

  • Add variants of the tag

What are Variations?

We offer you a smart way to manage tags. A variation is a different way of writing of the same.

For example, the tag "Virtual Reality" can also be indicated as "VR".

Because we offer automatic recognition of stage in titles and descriptions of objects these variants help. So if a user is using the tag name or other wrtings of the same then the right tag will be connected.

People skills

With the software, people can tag skills to their profile. By doing this you can identify people to important topics for you. You can manage skills for yourself in the 'My Profile' OR you can manage the skills of every user in the User Management (Admin Studio > Settings > User Management).

Topic pages

Every tag on the platform can be clicked on. If you do this you will navigate to the TOPIC page of this TAG. On this TOPIC page, you will see the image (if it is configured), who is the owner, a description of the topic, a list of ideas connected, a list of projects connected, and a list of people (experts) connected.

The experts are based on a smart AI algorithm based on the activities of people on the platform which identifies who are the top performers. This connection is based on user activity on and around tags in the whole system.

For example:

John is adding an idea to the platform with the "Virtual Reality" tag. Because of this action, the IDEA is connected to the tag but also John.

TIP: you can FOLLOW topic pages and you get notified when things are changing.

AI integration

The topic page shows automatically a clear description of a topic. Initially, this is generated with AI but Admins can adjust this easily in the EDIT tag.

Reports of tags

As you can see tag management is as much as possible built to run automatically with sometimes minimal effort for Admins to optimize tags, and merge tags. If you keep the system healthy it generates beautiful reports:

Tags on the Home

On the home page, the top 20 trending tags are visible and clickable. When you click on them you visit the Topic page of the tag to explore more what is happening in the software around the tag.

Topic page

The topic page shows everything connected to the tag: descriptions, connected ideas, connected projects, and connected people (experts).

Tag management trend report

In the Admin Studio > Settings > Tag & Trend Management you can click on the REPORT button to see the trends of the most used tags in time and also the number of connections made with tags in time. Also, word clouds are available here to use in reports.

Tags in Innovation Funnels

In the Funnel reports you can directly see what are the most used tags in the Mission.

In the funnel, you have 4 views available to see the ideas in different views. The fourth view is the bubble chart which shows all ideas per tag in a moving bubble chart.

Admin Studio > Ideas > VIEW: Bubble (4th)

Tags in Missions

In the mission reports you can directly see what are the most used tags in the Mission.

User side: HOME > Mission > LEADERBOARD

Admin side: Admin Studio > MIssions > Ideabox > REPORT

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