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Connected project funnel
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When editing a Idea Funnel there is a field availeble called: Connected project Funnel. After setting the right connected project funnel all ideas that updated into a project will be directly placed in this chosen funnel.

Note: if this value is not set then it will create the project in the last project funnel this user has opened.

For example:

  • The department Marketing has its own funnel of ideas to manage all the ideas for potential marketing projects and campaigns. The name of this Funnel is: "Marking idea funnel".

  • There is also a project funnel for the department Marketing named: "Marketing Projects".

  • In the settings of the IDEA Funnel: Marking idea funnel you configure the Connected Project Funnel to set: Marketing Projects.

  • Now when any user in the Funnel opens an idea and clicks on START PROJECT then this project will automatically be created in the project funnel: Marketing Projects.

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