How-to: Start making a mission

A how-to on how to get started in Accept Mission as an idea box owner

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An idea box owner has a different dashboard then the agent. An idea box owner can build a mission and is able to look at the back-end of this mission. The dashboard is the start for the idea box owner.

1. Dashboard

The dasboard show your progress of past missions. Creating a lot of mission gives a nice overview of for instance, ideas created.

2. Start building a new mission
To start a new mission, go over to the ideation page. Clicking on 'create new mission' is the first step. A screen will pop up where you can choose a template or to build a mission from scratch. 

3. Open Mission
If you've selected a mission to build your builder will open.

Check out the How to: Mission Builder to get started with building the blocks of your new mission and actually finishing up your first mission!

If you have any questions, be sure to contact us by clicking on the green chat symbol in the bottom right corner.

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