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Adding Custom Fields
Adding Custom Fields

Custom fields for idea cards & project cards

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With Custom fields ‘super admins’ can create new fields for idea & project cards which allow idea box owners or project managers to add additional, important or other relevant information for comparison. Custom fields are a great addition to the default required fields to store information about ideas and projects.

Accept Mission provides 8 different types of custom fields for which you can make almost any variation.

To give some examples of what you can create with custom fields :

Use case: Label (type)

  • Risks: low, medium, high (dropdown)

  • Complexity/size project from 0-10 (numbers)

  • Is input required from external users? Yes / no (short text field / dropdown)

  • Need approval from what manager/department? (DropDown)

  • Approval given: yes / no (dropdown)

  • Implementation date or time (numbers, time, date picker)

  • Project hours spend (numbers)

  • Add problem description field (long text )

  • Describe cricital success factors (long text)

  • Describe necessary steps in the process (long text)

You can find Custom field in "Settings" environment.

With Custom fields you can create for idea cards & project cards: additional text fields, custom criteria, dropdown options, number fields, date / time pickers and percentage boxes.

Fields explained
ADD opens pop up window, to create new custom field.
Label give short title of the new custom field
Type select a type of custom field box
Tooltip (?) add a short explanation of the requested information

Idea card detail page: TAB "custom fields" added to idea card. Here you can fill in the requested contents.

In the “IDEAS” listview you can view, sort and compare collected contents of the created custom fields. You need to scroll from left to right to see the custom created labels.

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