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Admin Studio of Accept Mission
Admin Studio of Accept Mission
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The Admin studio contains all the tools for innovators. All innovators should be assigned to one of the Admin roles. After logging in as an Admin you always land in the Admin Studio. This is comparison of a normal user who lands always in the HOME.

How to get to the Admin Studio?

  • You need to be an Admin. If the steps below are not working for you you are not an Admin. Contact your internal contact person.

  • Use this link: Admin Studio

  • Go the the HOME And in the Header you can find the ADMIN STUDIO link

  • Go to the top right corner and click on your name. There you see the Admin Studio in the drop-down menu.

Admin Studio

The Admin Studio contains many tools you can use. The landing page of the Admin Studio explains a lot of what you can find where. There are 3 important areas:

Admin Studio tools

You can find these tools on the left side in the Admin Studio Side bar.:

  • Dashboard

  • Ideas

  • Missions

  • Selection

  • Projects

  • People

  • Settings

  • Support

Admin Studio Settings

The settings contain all kinds of valuable tools to configure the application. You can always find the settings here: Admin Studio Settings

Or follow the link in the Admins Studio Sidebar: Settings or in the top right corner in the main menu drop-down menu when you click on your name.

  • Company settings

  • User & Group management

  • Branding

  • Security

  • Custom Domain

  • Funnel Management (ideas / projects)

  • Company Score management

  • Custom fields

  • Tag Management

  • Manage Subscription

Admin Studio Support

You are currently reading this article on the support site. The link you can always find on the left side in the Admin studio sidebar.

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